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What We Do

K bafna Infraa has partnered with homeowners and design professionals to produce residential projects of the highest quality. Our portfolio represents a mix of architect-designed homes, historic home renovations, and remodeling projects of both modest


We’re all about doing it right. Our precision craftsmanship philosophy translates to everything from client communications to budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and—of course—to the eventual construction outcome. What else are we dedicated to? Strategic sustainability.


It’s one thing to embark on a big project, quite another to repair (and care for) your home on a regular basis. We assist busy homeowners as we have our dedicated team which consistently sensitive to the need for cleanliness in occupied homes.


  • Monitor
  • Execute
  • Plan
  • Initiate
Monitoring construction projects is a multi-faceted task. Depending upon the complexity of the project, every step is discussed.To effectively monitor any construction project, we are there to design a  project.We offer input and oversight from the beginning all the way through to construction completion.

Based on the layout of your site,we will likely have to implement drainage to building code, then excavate or otherwise prepare the site for your new building. Other parts of site preparation may include laying utilities, arranging for power, water, and sanitation, constructing temporary storage facilities and removal of vegetation.

Construction management includes several other components that succeed planning, however: Scheduling is deciding when to start, execute, and complete each task. Organizing is getting all the moving pieces in position to perform each task. Staffing is assigning people to duties related to the project. Directing is ensuring that you complete tasks as planned, and monitoring is ensuring that you meet the requirements and performance benchmarks set during the planning stage. If you don’t meet these requirements, you’ll devote considerable time to the controlling stage, which involves managing the budget and meeting contract requirements.

Initiation seeks to initiate and define the project from the organization’s (as opposed to the project’s) point of view.  Issues like project funding, goals and objectives, and the important stakeholders are defined.  Management’s expectations are communicated.  A Project Charter is created, which assigns a project manager and authorizes the project to proceed.