Philia Hospital,Tembhode Road, Palghar (West) – 401404, District- Palghar, State – Maharashtra

K Bafna Infraa is a dedicated Palghar-focused real estate group, with our ancestral family lineage of almost 90 years based out from Palghar! Watching this city grow in front of our eyes is not just a sense of satisfaction but a memorable experience as well. Bafna family has literally witnessed Palghar grow from a sleepy town in 1980s & 1990s to a bustling epicenter of phenomenal residential & commercial growth in recent times, especially with BKC being potentially 30mins away due to upcoming bullet-train connectivity! The forthcoming Mumbai-Delhi expressway & such other key infrastructure projects has put Palghar on an unprecedented growth trajectory as an integral part of Mumbai & MMR.

K Bafna Infraa has been a specialist in developing centrally located & easily accessible residential
projects in the heart of Palghar City. Since its inception in 2019, the company has mastered the art of being a holistically idea-driven-organisation capitalising on its in-house expertise in offering futuristic high-quality residential projects for ‘Palghar’kars.

K Bafna Infraa is one of Palghar’s leading real-estate development companies and perhaps
the only one to have end-to-end holistic support functions needed for a successful customer-centric realty developer. We take pride in our uncompromising integrity in customer engagement and quality assurance. We have made it our core mission to provide real-estate development, management and investment services of the highest calibre.

With an overall know-how of more than three decades in the real estate scenario of Palghar, led by Shri Kirtikumar Bafna;

Today K Bafna Infraa has become an established name with a track record of developing innovative projects accenting modern-day architecture, timely project execution and excellence in construction quality. With an aim to build ambitious expansions with distinguishing designs, K Bafna Infraa continues to evolve as a company and create spaces that augment the
customer’s lifestyle. Our focus is on making a quality lifestyle affordable for our patrons of Palghar,

which epitomizes our core value.